Try this Italian recipe by Nik Michael Imran from Cooking For Love.



Sarah has an interesting menu for the party, but I have something special lined up that I think Laura and family might enjoy.



All right, so now I'm going to start with a smoked duck truffle olio. And I've got a pot of boiling water here. So I'm going to season it with some sea salt first. Today I'm using spaghetti because it's going to be an olive oil based pasta. Some people like to put oil in the water, and that's how I was taught as a kid, but to be honest, what I found out all these years is that it's better to not put any oil in the water and just stir it around, because it won't stay. But once you drain it, that's when you put oil. All right. I'm just going to leave that to cook for about seven minutes and then we'll check back on it.


So now let's continue with the smoked duck. Here I've got some smoked duck that's been bought from a deli. But if you can't get smoked duck, you can always replace it with prawns. It'll taste just as nice.


Now we're going to season it, some sea salt, and some pepper, and olive oil. Slightly coated, not dripping, yeah? Let's give this a rub. All right, that's evenly coated. Onto a wire rack. Oven is set at 220. Pop it in for about five to 10 minutes.


Let's check on the pasta. It needs about another two, three minutes. While that's boiling, I'm going to start on the other ingredients. First, the parsley, we're going to get it just minced, just a bit, not too much. This is going to add color to the pasta. Just have a look. This is how I want it, a very fine chop.


So now we check on the pasta, I think it should be done. One last stir. What you're looking for is a slightly undercooked pasta. Just grab a strand here. Just give it a taste. It's all about the bite. There's a bit of springiness, but it's cooked through. I'm happy with that. Time to drain.


And the reason why I'm using this flat pan is because we need a larger surface area for it to cool down faster. Now, remember what I told you about the olive oil? This is to lubricate and make sure nothing sticks. Just even it out. And the spaghetti is perfectly al dente.


Now let's check on the duck. All right. Oh, I can smell it, the fat from the duck. Now look at that, perfectly crispy, nice color. Now we're going to get everything together. Start with the garlic. Just going to give this a bash, and mince away. So garlic is the main ingredient when it comes to aglio e olio. It's garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Just going to put this in a bowl so that everything will be in its place when I start cooking.


I've got my garlic, parsley, chili flakes, pasta, duck, everything's ready. We can start cooking. We're going to start the heat now, get it on low. I'm going to put in a generous amount of olive oil. So in with the garlic, and what you want to do is put it in on medium low and then get it to sizzle. But don't burn it. You want it to be translucent. Swirl this around, get everything absorbed with the oil, and in with the pasta. You want to make sure that the garlic is spread evenly all over so it touches every bit of pasta. Once everything is coated beautifully, add your pasta water.


So the point of the pasta water is to make sure everything is lubricated nicely, everything is moist. If it's just oil, the salt is not going to dissolve in it, your pasta is not going to go around easily. So this is the time when you start seasoning. Fresh sea salt, a bit of black pepper, the chilies. So this is going to add heat and also a bit of that red color, the signature aglio e olio color. Now some of the green parsley. I'm going to give that a nice toss.


All right, that's looking great. We're going to turn off the heat and now we're going to add the truffle paste. Why I turn off the heat is because it's a very delicate flavor, the truffles, you want them to be added in last minute and no heat on it. Just a touch here, about one teaspoon, get it all nicely coated there.


Okay, my smoked duck has beautiful rested there. I'm happy with that. We're going to stop plating the pasta. How you want to plate this is just grab your pasta [inaudible] on the plate, and twirl it around so you get that bit of spiral going on.


And now for the duck, the piece de resistance, can you hear that? That's how crispy the skin is. That's beautiful. That's what I want. Now let's look at the insides. Look at that, tender, warm, crispy on the outside. And to finish it off, I have a plate of rocca here, just going to get it on top some of that smoked duck. And the final touch, truffle oil, just a drizzle. And there you have it, my smoked duck truffle olio.