Sotong Masak Hitam (Fried Calamari with Squid Ink) | Home Cooked: Malaysia

Love squid? You'd dig this easy squid ink recipe by Ili Sulaiman.



In Italy, you have your version of squid ink risotto or squid ink pasta. Here in Malaysia, we have our own version, and it's called Sotong Masak Hitam or just fried calamari with squid ink, soy and chili.



Just like any good stuff, the first thing you need to do is chop up all of your ingredients. Here I have two cloves of garlic, some chili and some spring onions. I've used the bottom bit off the spring onion, and then I'm going to use the green bits for garnish. I actually eat a lot of squid in Malaysia, so I've actually kept the skin on only because I think it has a lot more flavor in it. I've also kept the tentacles. When I was cleaning this squid, I actually kept all the ink sacs and I just added some water.


Oil into your pan, about two or three tablespoons. We put in our garlic and our chili. In goes the spring onions. The next thing we need to add in is our squid ink. In goes caramelized soy sauce and a dash of soy sauce as well. You actually need to cook the squid ink first. The squid only takes a few minutes to cook up. You don't want to overcook it and it becomes tough. You can start seeing it all curl up. How you know when it's ready is when the tentacles makes a skirt for itself and it does a little twirl, and you know it's done. I'm going to season it with a bit of salt and just a pinch of sugar. Perfect.


Plate up. Just for a tad of color, some of this lovely curled up spring onion. This is truly, truly special.