Sweet Sour Fish Soup | Home Cooked: Vietnam

Warm up your tummy with a healthy, comforting bowl of Sweet Sour Fish Soup (Canh Chua Cá) by Helen Le.



One of the best dishes that can represent Vietnamese cuisine is the sweet and sour fish soup, or 'canh chua cá'.



I'm going to start with about four fish steaks, that I'm going to take from the fridge. I'm going to season the fish, both sides with salt, pepper, some chicken stock and some chili flakes. The pepper and the chili flakes will help to reduce the strong fishy smell.


Now, in a large soup pot, you are going to add some vegetable oil and fry some minced garlic, until golden brown. You're going to use a spoon to transfer the fried garlic into a small bowl, keeping the amazing, fragrant [inaudible] in the pot.


I'm going to add one diced tomato and sauté for about one minute. Next, we are going to pour about four cups of water and bring it to the boil. In a separate small saucepan, you want to add in the tamarind together with a cup of water. Pour this tamarind liquid into the bigger pot, through a sieve.


We are going to add sugar and fish sauce, two tomatoes, cut into wedges, and then cut in half. Pineapple, which will be cut into thin slices, elephant ear stems. You also need some okra, which will add some crunchiness to the soup.


The water has come to the boil, and now we're going to add in the fish. To garnish the soup, we are going to need some Vietnamese herbs. This is rice paddy herbs, and this is sawtooth coriander. Add in the rest of the vegetables.


You want to wait until it boils again, and then we're going to add the beansprouts and the herbs. Then you can turn off the heat, and it is done.


I'm going to add some more chopped herbs to garnish, and don't forget the fragrant fried garlic on top.