Singapore - Lim Joo Hin

In this clip, she visits Teochew eatery Lim Joo Hin Eating House in Singapore, trying out their Teochew porridge and an assortment of side dishes, including braised duck, beancurd skins and soft-steamed eggs.


I'm here at Lim Joo Hin Eating House on Havelock Road just outside the city center of Singapore, and you have to be a local in the know to know about the best Teochew porridge here, available 24 hours a day, and I guarantee this meal is going to be Great For Eight.


Sometimes, you just want quality food without going to an expensive restaurant. That's why I am on a mission to find great eats around Asia for under $8 US. I'm Sarah Benjamin, and this is Great for Eight.

When you first get to Lim Joo Hin, the first thing you do is go up to the counter. They have all the different Teochew dishes laid out. You just tell the auntie how many of you are eating and you point out what you want and she'll dish it up. I've got an absolute spread in front of me. I've got some Teochew classics. I've got the Teochew porridge, which is the base for all these lovely dishes and it's going to bring the whole meal together.

I've got braised peanuts, which are cooked until they're really soft and aromatic. This is an essential in every Teochew meal. It's salted vegetable. Here is Lin Joo Hin's famous braised duck, and it's really nice, succulent pieces of duck meat coated in this aromatic, spiced Teochew gravy.

Here I've got [inaudible], which is bean curd skin and it's also been braised in that amazing Teochew broth. And here is really nice, wildly soft steamed egg. This is comfort food at its best, and I paid only 10 Singapore dollars and 50 cents for all this food.

Sarah Benjamin: This looks like my perfect mouthful. I'm so excited.

It's so good. This is absolute comfort food to me. On Sunday lunches, my family, we come here, we eat a feast together. This is really one of the best recommendations I can give you in Singapore.

Braised duck is a real Teochew specialty and here at Lim Joo Hin, they're very famous for it. You can see how well cooked this duck is. It's really succulent, and it coats itself so well in this amazing gravy. I'm going to try some.

I'm so stuffed. I can't believe I had all that amazing food for such a low price. This is just such a great bargain, and it's absolutely Great for Eight. Now, I trusted you with one of my most closely guarded eating secrets, I hope you trust me in return and come and try Lim Joo Hin Eating House and it's Teochew porridge when you come to Singapore.