Bangkok: Petite Audrey's Thai Tea Crepe Cake

Have a tea break at the quaint cafe Petite Audrey in Siam Center in Bangkok, Thailand. Tuck into their delightful Thai Tea Crepe Cake, or savor their Thai-Western fusion food.


I'm sitting here in the quaint corner of Siam Center shopping mall in a really cute, lovely little cafe called Petite Audrey. And they're famous for their Thai-Western fusion food. If you look at the menu, they've got Tom Yum Pizza, Tom Yum Pasta, and all sorts of crazy dishes. But I'm here for one thing and one thing only. That's the Thai Tea Crepe Cake.


Sometimes, you just want quality food without going to an expensive restaurant, but you don't want to scrimp on your budget by resorting to ordinary street stalls either. That's why I'm on a mission to find great eats around Asia for under 8 US dollars. I'm Sarah Benjamin and this is, Great for Eight.

Oh my gosh, it's so pretty. Just look at all those layers, drenched in the Thai tea syrup. But now for the important part, I actually get to taste the cake.

Oh my God. It's so good. You can taste the cream in between the layers of those thin pancakes, and it's all drenched in this amazing thick, luscious Thai iced tea flavored syrup.

Around Bangkok, a lot of Thai ice teas tend to be really, really sweet. But this one actually manages to strike a perfect balance. It's not too sweet, and it's really nice and perfumed. I think this is a great example of fusion cuisine done right, because they've taken traditional Thai flavors and merged them with French Patisserie techniques, and it's resulted in this beauty of a cake.

This slice of cake comes up to just 110 Thai Baht, which is around 2 US dollars, so this is a really amazing bargain, and it's a lovely afternoon break from all that shopping.