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Debbie Wong's adventure brings her to Bandung where she shares with you popular late-night eateries and things to do in the beautiful city.

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Rice cooked on a charcoal grill. Now that is a first for me.


So much to eat and do and just one night. Will I survive?

Thanks to AirAsia's Premium Flex check-in counter, I can skip the lines and dive right into my nocturnal adventure.

The rice is fragrant. The samball has awesome spice. It just tastes great.

The sun is setting and the night is young. First, I'm going to dine like a bird, in my own nest!

We put all the ingredients together. We cook it over the charcoal. Two and a half hours.

Debbie: You grill it again!


That rice is booming with flavor. I've never had a dish where the rice was the real star. I taste everything he put in there. I'm in heaven!

Bandung has a thriving fashion industry, and is home to the hippest local brands. They're stylish, affordable and popular across the region.


Breakfast is a long time away, but I am starving! A brownie that's not brown. It's very chewy and very moist as it's 80% green tea, and the walnuts, just the right amount of crunch. And this green tea sauce got some white chocolate in it and it's the perfect complement. I love this flavor!

It's really chilly here in Bandung, and this natural hot spring is just what I need to warm me up. It's the perfect way to end my night.

I made it out alive and rewarding myself with some traditional Indonesian pastries. The original is just bananas wrapped in pastry, but the cheese adds a really nice touch, adds just a hint of saltiness. So I have three kinds here. I have the original, this one has prunes, and this one is the original with a unique design.

Really great texture. Nice and soft. Not too sweet. That's lovely.

I'm about to collapse at any minute, but it was all worth it. See you on my next adventure!

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