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Follow Debbie Wong on her nocturnal adventure to the beautiful city of Medan on Late Night Guide Asia.

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A stinky fruit in a silky snack, will this change my mind about Durian? So much to eat and do, in just one night, will I survive? Thanks to AirAsia's mobile app, I can upgrade to a hot seat up to four hours before my flight.


It's time to kick off my night time adventure with some authentic food and an authentic ride. What I came for is the Babi Panggang Karo. The best way to cook the pork in on an open flame. It brings its natural elements. This is a pig's blood sauce. It's very salty, but in a good way. And a bit spicy, which I did not expect.

So I'm here at an all-night spot to try the stinkiest fruit of them all, durian. It is a durian lover's paradise. The Durian Pancake. I don't know if I like it. I will give the fruit a try. People have said that it doesn't taste like it smells, but I disagree. It still tastes like it smells.

Time to get away from the city. I've got a four hour drive ahead of me to a very special place. And here is my reward, a magnificent view of the largest volcanic lake in the world. Lake Toba. I've stopped at a lakeside community here in Lake Toba and I'm going to see if I can get on a boat. This lake was created about 77,000 years ago from a volcanic eruption.

Strangely, it's reminding me of parts of Canada. We have small communities by the lake, there's lots of mountains and farmland. It makes me miss home a little bit. I can't leave Medan without trying one of their signature dishes, Soto Medan. This particular broth has another layer of fragrance to it because it's got coconut milk. There's nothing like chicken soup on a chilly day, right?

It was so nice getting away from the city. What a perfect end to a fun-filled night. Late Night Guide Asia, presented by AirAsia. Now everyone can fly.