Ube Mochi

Inspired by Japanese mochi rice balls, Sarah Benjamin creates a rendition made of Ube (purple yam).

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One of the best things about being in the kitchen is experimenting, and putting two different things from two different countries together. Today, I'm mixing it up and I'm making Ube Mochi.



Ube is a root vegetable that I like to think of as somewhere in between yam and sweet potato. So this is going to be the filling. I've steamed some ube, peeled it and then mashed it. This is castor sugar and just mix it all up, and because the ube was still warm, the sugar should dissolve naturally into it.


This is mochiko. It's glutinous rice flour, Japanese style, and this is the main ingredient of the mochi skin. I'm going to add a little bit of sugar, and then just room temperature water. This is purple food coloring, and this is just so the outside of this mochi matches its inside.


Cover this really well because we are about to steam it. Poke a hole in the middle of the cling film and into the microwave it goes, on high for one minute.


Let's just unwrap it, give it a good stir, and this is going back into the microwave another two times. First for one minute, and then another stir, and then 30 seconds.


The mochiko has cooled down slightly, and now we're going to roll it out. Flour your work surface. Generously scoop this dough out onto the floured surface. Throw more corn starch onto the top. Also flour a rolling pin, and you want it to be around one centimeter thin.


Grab a bit of baking paper, roll it up. Just cover the whole thing loosely with cling film, and then put this in the fridge for around 10 minutes.


Roll this out. Now, I've got a nine CM wide ramekin. You can use a cookie cutter, cut out a circle and scoop a little bit of the ube filling we prepared just now. Bring the edges up, give it a really good pinch. Once the bottom is sealed, dust it with a little bit more corn starch or potato starch, and there's my pretty and purple Ube Mochi.